Dexcom placement - Small Child

Hello, my son aged 17 months has been diagnosed, we have been using the Dexcom g6, as you can imagine he’s a tiny baby, so I’m finding it hard to find good places for his dexcom placement (we just switch between thighs) but his poor little thighs are so beat up from the insulin and the dexcom, I want to move to other places, I was hoping someone else might be in the same boat and have some advice for where else it could go, I was thinking an arm but I’m worried about putting it in wrong placement on arm or it failing (like the one I tried putting in his belly)

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Hi there, I’m a teenager so just throwing out ideas.
You could try his stomach again, just to see? Maybe the other side or a fattier place that doesn’t get as much friction from his seatbelt/etc.
For injections I’ve used my thighs, inner leg, buttocks, stomach, and arms.
For pump sites I use my upper buttocks, lower back, thighs, stomach, and occasionally arms.
For dexcom I mainly put it on my thighs and arms. It tends to get pulled/rubbed off of my stomach. Arms are my favorite. I place my dexcom on the inner/outer arm.
I often use a simpatch to avoid accidentally tearing or rubbing my sites off- that usually works pretty well.

There’s a product called SkinTac that is supposed to help with adhesion. You can get it from Amazon but your local pharmacy or medical supply store might have it. As well They should be able to help you determine if it’s safe for babies.

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It has been too long since I’ve held a tiny baby so suggesting a “place” would only be conjecture. Rather, I pinned your posting Globally so that visitors to all topics might see and respond; it will remain at the top for weeks.

Another resource Tiffany @TiffanyB is to contact someone near you [contact information attached] affiliated with a JDRF Chapter - see link for the one closest to you Upstate New York Chapter - Type 1 Diabetes Community Support (

It is very probable that the coordinator at this Chapter knows of members who have very young and growing children with T1 who wear sensors. Another thought, speak with your son’s doctor about possibly using the G7 which is much smaller and the wire that goes into his body is less than half the length of the G6

Thank you! I really appreciate the input!

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Thank you! For the advice!

Hi, pls check with your doctor or diabetes educator of course but. …. You might consider “upper buttocks” for the sensor. Most children in that age range have a decent bit of “chunk” there. Would there be any concerns with “diaper blowout” ? If it’s upper buttock placement, I hope that would keep the sensor out of range of bio material.

Diapers & Diabetes on facebook is a wonderful resource of babies with Type 1. When our son was in diapers we did top of buttcheeks for insulin injections and his legs & arms for dexcom. He preferred belly as he got a little older but then it fell off belly a lot. Little ones with Type 1 is a different world, I hope you are able to connect with other mamas of babies in a group, it’s so helpful! Hugs to you!

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Hi. My son is 2 and has a slight frame and we use the Dexcom g6 on the back of his arms. It’s is okay providing it is positioned lengthways and we also use an over patch to help keep it in place. It reads well and then we also have the Omnipod so alternate that on his thighs (tops, front and sides) and his back every three days.

Hope that helps.

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The Dexcom G7 is quite a bit smaller & thinner than the G6 and is bring approved for use with the various insulin pumps- hopefully you can switch to that soon !

@TiffanyB, your endo should have set up Dexcom CGM orientation with the local Dexcom clinical representative to provide about a 2 hour orientation to the CGM, its uses, operation, troubleshooting, and patient level interpretation.

Go back to your endo and get this valuable orientation.