Dexcom replacements and hospital stays

When I call Dexcom to replace a sensor I’m asked if I had spent any time in hospital. I asked why they asked the question, and they said the sensor would not/may not be replaced in that instance because the hospital was monitoring my glucose.
Thankfully that has not been the case, but I explained that my Dexcom works with my pump to adjust insulin delivery as needed, and this would not be possible with hospital fingersticks - so if it did occur, what was I supposed to do? They said they would take it into consideration if and when the time came.

So I’m wondering - has anyone spent time in hospital and called for a replacement, and how did it work out?To be honest, I asked the question several months ago and things may have changed.

Interesting Dorie @wadawabbit, although I’ve never been asked that question.
I’m wanting to hear the responses.

@wadawabbit Dorie, I’ve never had the “hospital” experience you describe, and will have to read the warranty statement on the paper insert on my next sensor…sounds like an excuse not to replace a failed product! I just read a post about replacements on another forum. Have you tried using the Dexcom link ( to get a replacement? I gave up on using the call in method; takes too long on hold, have to “negotiate” with the rep, repeatedly explain what happened, frequently asked to wait 3 hours (what doesn’t Cust Serv understand about the word “continuous”?!). Its like Dexcom pays Cust Serv on how many sensors/transmitters they replacement. I now only use the on-line form; I get a relatively prompt email response and have never had a replacement denied.

Thanks @Tlholz . I think I used the online system once to usually call and have taken care of things on very little time.

I have been in the hospital but not needing to call for a replacement. They would use my readings for their notes. Pretty much let me manage myself as they didn’t know much about diabetes management. Just my experience

The phone rep was wrong about why they ask. Hospitalization is a checkbox for reporting device failures to the FDA.

As in was the Dexcom reading so wrong that your pump administered too much insulin and a trip to the ER was required to save your life. Every time you call Dexcom or use their website to report a failed sensor they have to report the failure to the FDA.

I’m glad you asked the question, I checked the link @Tlholz posted and found Dexcom is still missing the hospitalization question. I reported this problem to Dexcom in January. Time to turn them in to the FDA.

Note that when you call Dexcom customer service you aren’t talking to Dexcom. Dexcom contracts with a call center in the Philippines. So take everything a customer service rep says with a salt lick.

Thank you for the info!

I’m still interested in what people have to say even if the reason has changed. Dexcom isn’t responsible if my sensor has to come off for an MRI or appendectomy. If I have private/commercial insurance do I make the hospital put a new sensor on me before discharge? If this is for an outpatient procedure does my endo do some paperwork with the insurance company so I can order an extra sensor from my DME vendor? Is this a reason why I should pay more for PPO insurance instead of HMO? What do people do on Medicare? People who don’t have insurance?

I assume everyone tries to have an extra sensor or 12. I’m hoping someone has gotten their health insurance overlords to cough up for extra sensors.

Is been a very long time since I’ve had any radiation scans so things may have changed. But I did remove sensors on a couple of occasions prior to having them, so I tried to schedule as close as possible to the sensor’s last day. At one point I called Dexcom tech support about something else and mentioned the challenge of scheduling scans around my sensors: they told me they will send a replacement, as they do any time a sensor did not teach its full “lifespan” - I just need to call and request a replacement. I did it a couple of times after that and they did send them. Nothing needed from my doctor.
Again, that was a while ago so I would suggest checking to see how things are now.

Oh it’s very simple. They are looking after their bottom line.