Dexcom Sensor vs Enlite Medtronic Sensor

So I am currently using a Dexcom sensor but I have heard really great things about the Enlite Sensor and it has the mySentry Remote Glucose Monitor that helps with low blood sugars at night. Any input on either? I love my Dexcom but I need something that is going to wake me up before I am really low and so far my Dexcom hasn’t been cutting it. It isn’t loud enough to wake me up.

As a Medtronic Enlite Sensor user; I can testify to the reassurance it provides!!! The Enlite Sensor has progressive alarm volumes if not acknowledged; so it gets louder and louder! In addition the Enlite Sensor has PREDICTIVE LOW ALARMS. This is an incredibly helpful feature as it anticipated the rate at which your values are dropping, and ALARMS. Finally, and ultimately most importantly; IF you do not acknowledge a LOW ALARM, the pump temporarily STOPS infusing the Basal for up to 2 hours (unless you restart it before then). I have personally experienced this AWESOME feature! My Bg was 50, the basal shut off for 2-hours, and I woke up to a Bg at 70! I didn’t continue to drop, and my Bg wasn’t high either!!! I am an RN and Medtronic pump user for 30 years. I am also a Minimed Ambassador, but I am sharing with you my personal experiences with the Enlite Sensor! I don’t live a day without it!!!

I am also a long time Minimed user and have had my Enlite since November. Don’t get me wrong, I love it and I love the basal suspend feature. However, the alarms typically don’t wake me up at night. I leave my pump clipped to the waistband of my pajamas and usually don’t hear it because it’s under the covers and sometimes I’m even laying on it, which muffles the sound even more. Often my husband hears it and wakes me up. I think it’s because I’ve been wearing a sensor regularly for about 4 years now and have unfortunately “learned” to ignore the alarms.

If your only issue with Dexcom is not hearing the alarms, put the receiver in a glass on your bedside table or dresser. The vibrations from the alarm will be louder against the glass and the glass will amplify the sound. I’ve seen a lot of Dexcom users post about that online.

I’ve used both extensively!

I am on the Dexcom, and used to use the Enlite.
TO be honest I feel as if you’ve been a little mislead about the Enlite sensors, from my point of view.

I foudnt that the Enlite sensors are not very accurate, and a pain to keep up with. Here were some of my pet peeves:
(1) the insertion process, while improved, is still more complex than dexcom.
(2) If it needs a calibration, it just stops working. Unlike the Dexcom. The dexcom keeps asking you for one, however it keeps giving you a reading. Which is GREAT for when you are in a bind.
(3) I have actually dropped the shell/transmitter in water before (oops…) and it stopped working. When it’s plugged in it’s waterproof, but its still not accident proof.
(4) Dexcom customer care is WAY better
(5) the Dexcom sensors have the inserter with the sensor, you can’t forget this and that easily
(6) the shell needs charging (something I’m not good at)
(7) The dexcom taping is sooo much better. I find the shells plopped off too often.
(8) the alarms are much much much louder. The Medtronics one was easily muffled (if I sleep on my side for example, if I lie on top of my pump, you can’t hear it at all)
(9) The Dexcom sound options are much better
(10) I actually like it being seperate from the pump, that way I can take a break from the pump when I want to

I am up for renewal on my medtronics pump. I have not heard much about the other options for pumps that have a CGM. What is out there? My main complaint with medtronics is the tubbing. Any advice?