Dexcom share error message

This morning my dexcom share app had a red error message saying “Account sync in progress, you may not receive notifications.” I have looked through the dexcom user manual and cannot find anything about this. Has anyone else received this error message before?

It could be that there are connectivity problems. The person that has the Dexcom app on their cell phone, should look on their Dexcom share settings and see if they are having connection problems. ( I included a picture just so I’m not confusing.)Sometimes that has happened to me before and it’s because my phone isn’t connected to the Wi-Fi. So when that happens, the people with the Dexcom share app don’t get any alerts. If that is not the case then you should call the Dexcom technical support, so you can get help with the app.

Hope that helps. :sparkles::sparkles:

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Hi @Em12. I read your post and @arodric5002’s suggestion and was just wondering if your connection was restored? I’ve found people on the forum often come in quickly with helpful suggestions; but for “on the spot” issues like this don’t forget there is 24/7 tech support you can call.i hope you’re up and running again!

Hi Dorie, the connection was restored. Alexa was correct and it was related to the WiFi connection. Thank you both for your help!!

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Glad to hear it - what a relief!

Glad to help you, I am happy you were able to figure out the issue.

Alexa saves the day - the human one that is! :grin:

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Yay that is right!! Hahaha :rofl:

Got to give credit where credit is due, I say!

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