Dexcom Signal Loss

Hey guys! We are giving the Dexcom another try but keep getting a signal loss message even when the receiver is sitting right next to him. Does he NEED a cell phone or can the receiver work on its own? We put in a new sensor and are still having the same problem. HELP!!! Thanks. :blush:

Lucy @lucyinthesky827, I will assume that you / he Is using a Dexcom Receiver and G6 sensor. I’m also assuming that you are Getting the message “No Signal” and not the “missed readings”; two similar, but very different conditions.

A phone is NOT required - I’ve been using the Dexcom devices for a couple of years and only recently got a phone that can communicate. Here are a couple of things you can check - these in addition to calling Dexcom:

  • The Receiver is charged, and the Transmitter battery has not expired. Also look to see that the “wireless symbol” on the Receiver is glowing.
  • That the Transmitter serial number has been entered correctly into the Receiver.
  • That the Receiver “face” is not pressed against his body. I sometimes get “signal loss” while sleeping if my forearm has been resting on top of a sensor implanted on my abdomen.
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I used Dexcom’s receiver in the past but now use my pump for that function - both worked quite well, and if I switch to shots I charge up my receiver to use again.
My understanding is you can use one at a time - pump or receiver - but not both, so if you are trying to use both together. that’s probably the problem. However, as I also understand it, you can share your data with a cell phone but that’s a separate thing. Maybe the best way to describe it is, Dexcom’s receiver or the pump serve as primary receivers - only one of which will work at a time; whereas “following” someone with a cell phone is secondary, and can be used with either the primary pump or Dexcom receiver.
Your rep or tech support should be able to help you out, and they should replace the ones you’ve tried. Tip: keep your receiver box - if there is an issue they usual ask for the lot number from the package. They can proceed without if but it helps them track if there are issues with certain lots.
Here’s some information from Dexcom’s website that might help:

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