Dexcom stomach pain?

Anyone ever experience pain related to Dexcom?

I am honestly unsure if they are related, but I have noticed more recently a little random twinge of discomfort in my belly area (mid right side) and this time around it happened to be on the side that I keep my dexcom on. I sort of wanted to do a little bit of an experiment, and I have taken off my Dexcom, and the pain seems to have gone away. Has anyone ever had experience or know of any side effects other than the usual skin irritation that comes with a Dexcom occasionally? Thanks!

What kind of pain are you having? Every now and then - but very, very rarely, I discover a sore spot that didn’t bother me at insertion: maybe I got too close to muscle or a nerve and moved a certain way so they touched🤔 - I don’t know. And now and then the tape pulls, which can be surprisingly uncomfortable.
Those are the only things I can think of myself.

hi @Mlp1124 yes. I get too close to a nerve, and it is like a bee sting at insertion time. If i am a little bit too close to muscle, I get general dull pain in that muscle starting a few days after insertion. For me, If I put the sensor anywhere on my abdomen it is objectionably painful. I have had to rip a sensor out due to pain but Dexcom gave ma a replacement. good luck

Thanks so much. That definitely makes sense.

Very interesting, Yeah, it was making me really uncomfortable so I removed it. I have not put it back since. Going old school and finger pricking but am enjoying having no pain and honestly, not wearing any devices. Thank you!

Did you have problems with other sites? Although they may not be officially authorized by Dexcom some people find other parts of the body work just fine and they may be more comfortable for you. Of course if you prefer finger sticks and don’t want to wear a CGM it’s your choice.

Whenever, my sensor seems to feel sore, I realize it’s the adhesive that is really causing it, not the sensor. I used to use Dexcom, but now have Medtronic. I discovered that with both, that they only work properly when I wear them on my upper arms.