Dexcom Support Request

In the past I have had to reach out to Dexcom technical support regarding a sensor error through the phone. I am familiar with the process but i’ve been having trouble contacting them today and have accumulated almost an hour of wait time because I assume they’ve been very busy.

That being said, has anyone tried their alternative way which is submitting a form to them online, I believe it’s called “Product Support Request”? I’m skeptical about them not reaching out to me at all. Has anyone tried this and does Dexcom actually contact you? I want to get my daughters sensor replaced as soon as possible.


Amy @ary_shine, what i have done with vary good results is to use the "call back " option. My wait for return call has been less than 15 minutes; both with Dexcom and with Tandem.

Once I used the Chat, but that took longer for response.

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Ok, good to know! Thank you!

We use the online form religiously, as long as you have all the info. Sensor is mailed out within 1-3 days.