Dexcom update

Does anyone know when dexcom is going to roll out there new update for the g6? Just wondering when I’ll be able to use my mew$1000.00 phone that isn’t compatible.

They released it last week.

Is there something I need to do because when I downloaded the app on the phone it said it wasn’t compatible

I am on Medicare and got my new Dexcom6 on 2/15/2020. Call Dexcom’s tech support at 1-844-607-8398. John

There is a 3rd party app called xdrip+ that I know a lot of people have used successfully with non-compatable phones. It’s part of the Nightscout Foundation. You might try looking into that. It’s not in the app store but if you Google it you should find it without any trouble. Best of luck.

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I would be happy if they just fixed it so that sensors last a full 10 days with accuracy like they are supposed to.

I’m on day 20 same sensor.

How do you restart the same sensor at the end of the 10 days. I tried it and got a message back that you could not reuse the sensor. Someone had said to let the sensor come to an end and then do a sensor start selecting no code for 15 minutes and then stop the sensor and restart it with the code on the original sensor.