Dexcom Video Blog

Hey all!

I recorded my first vlog over the weekend and posted it on my website.  I shared a couple of my Dexcom tips on it, in case anyone is interested in watching!


Kimmy, just so you know, I finally am playing ketchup and mustard with stuff. I like your hints, I love the writing on the packaging tip, granted you showed it all mirrored backwards, which didn't matter cause of the date you were playing with. Now I know what you "look" and "sound" like so no surprises for me when we finally bump into each other.

:D  No worries, Brian.  So when are YOU going to post a vlog, so I know what YOU "look" and "sound" like??  (Yay Orlando!)

I will post one the morning of July 4th before I climb onto my plane!!! Oh sugar that reminds me I need to book my "magical express" transportation. Whoops.

Either way, I will have to stalk you out and snot the scare out of you!