Dexcom6 app update for Android 26 Sep 2023

I noticed a “new features” splash screen when I opened Dexcom6 app yesterday, and GooglePlay confirmed that the app had indeed been auto- updated the same day (26 Sep 2023).

Here’s hoping that Dexcom6 has found and fixed the battery-draining issue previously discussed here: Dex6-Battery

Instead of halting the Dexcom6 app (force stop) as I’ve needed to do for the last 2 sensors, I’m planning to let it run in the background the way it’s supposed to. I’ll post updates whether the updated version (SW 11678 rev. fixes the battery behaviour.



@ski_phreak , I didn’t notice any change, upgrade, in the Dexcom Mobile G6 app that I use on my android Galaxy S23 phone, but I did have significant Dexcom issues with an older S10 that I abandoned last month. You didn’t mention your phone model.

Quite by accident, I found a simple and inexpensive solution that brought me out in front. I brought my malfunctioning S10 to the phone store and approaching the counter said “battery problem”, in chorus, the sales woman and sales man said you need a new phone, let us show you what we’ve got. I began by saying that I need a phone that will work effectively with two medical apps - the salesman replied, “us Dexcom your issue?”. Without hesitation, he said they had a “Two for Tuesday” offer featuring a Galaxy S23 and Galaxy Watch6. The really bright spot was they took my out-of-warranty malfunctioning S10 on trade at a value equal to the new phone. Botton line, the monthly bill for the joint plan covering my wife and I stayed the same, and now I can read my current BGL on the Watch face 24 hours every day.

And for battery drain, yesterday 16 hours after “last full charge”, my phone battery device said t;Connect used 1.4 % of battery and Dexcom used 0.4%. Plus, I have two new devices with multi-year warranty.

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