DexCom7 and sound alarm - Review

The DexCom7 and Hypersensitive Sound Alarm (HSA) are things ever diabetic should own. First, I normally write a recommendation only when something is truly amazing and these products are. So, I feel compelled to tell everyone about their attributes, because they have already saved my life more than once, and I know it could save more lives if people just knew the amazing benefits. I've had diabetes for 30+ years and have never felt so much control over my health and well being as I do today, because of the DexCom7 and HSA.  A year ago, my husband and I were forced to live in different cities.  It was the first time that I have lived alone in a new city with no resources. As a diabetic, I was terrified that I would die in the middle of the night from a low blood sugar episode. So, I started my search for a continuous blood glucose monitor. I evaluated all the brands and determined the DexCom would be the best choice because it offered: 1) the loudest alarm; 2) the longest time that a sensor could be in place (7days); 3) the cheapest cost (because of the lack of having to change the sensor so often); and 4) the size of the monitoring system. Although the system is amazing and has all the above benefits, its alarm is not very loud (a few low beeps which last only a few seconds) – it is not loud enough to wake me from a deep sleep. So, when I first got it, I couldn't sleep well through the night, because I was scared I wouldn’t hear the alarm. On several occasions, I awoke to discover that I had either been running low (30-40) for more than an hour or high (200+) for hours. I don't know how many brain cells or clogged arteries that cost me, but I knew I better find a way to increase the volume of the alarm quickly or else I could die prematurely. Luckily, I found another amazing device which helps increase the volume of the alarm so much that it wakes you even from a deep sleep. It can be used with any of the glucose monitors. You can get the HSA device from:  It is a relatively small device which is nice, because it fits on my nightstand. Although it is a bit pricey - it is worth it, because it has saved my life more than once and many brain cells. Now, for the first time, I can sleep soundly and safe, because I don't have to worry that I won't be able to hear the alarm. The HSA is a must have if you are like me and live alone, travel alone, or ever sleep alone. It is also a must have for parent or caregivers of children or the elderly who don't want their child or their elderly parent to run high all night or be low for hours because you don't hear the DexCom7 alarm.  It is perfect for diabetics who want tighter control of their blood sugar. Since the DexCom and other continuous blood glucose monitor alarms only go off once – then are deactivated by a touch, you can be extremely low or high for hours without knowing. This device prevents this from happening, because it will wake you even in deep REM sleep. These devices have easily added 10 years to my life and increased the quality of my life substantially. I no longer worry about running high or low for hours without knowing. My insurance covered most of the cost of the DexCom7, but even if it hadn't, I would have gotten it. The HSA is not covered under insurance, because it is not considered a medical device.  However, both were necessary to achieve the level of safety I desired.  Frankly, my life and my brain cells are worth every penny. 

Laurie W