Dexcome G6 randomly inaccurate

I’ve been on the Dexcom G6/Tandem TSlim combo for several months, and I love it! I’ve loved not having to calibrate my Dex (ever!) and I love that I can trust it to be accurate. Now with the Control IQ tech, I’m feeling pretty good about my sugars most of the time.

However, in the last month or two, I’ve had a new occurrence. (I believe this has happened four times.) My Dex suddenly tells me my bg is dropping crazy fast, and then, of course, it starts alarming at me because my sugar is 50 . . . 40 . . . LOW! Well, I don’t feel low, so I use my finger-stick meter, and what do you know? I’m sitting in the 90’s just fine. I calibrate my Dex, and it takes anywhere from half an hour to several hours to figure itself out, and then it works fine.

Has anyone else had this? This used to happen sometimes with the older versions of Dexcom, but I guess I’ve gotten used to the accuracy of the the G6. Just curious if anyone else has had flukes where it’s suddenly inaccurate.

Hi Abigail @AbigailL , I too really like the Control IQ, staying in-range using the “hands-off method” - other than counting and entering carbs.

I never had to calibrate a sensor until two weeks ago and in retrospect, I blame those false-lows on my activity. What happened, I work outside in the Florida heat doing construction/reconstruction on weekends, and two weekends in a row I was doing much bending, digging, lifting and straining. I examined the sensors that I was replacing a few days later and found that the very delicate platinum wire looked “crinkly”. Interesting that one of those sensors fixed itself and went on to last the full 10 days.