De'xd as a baby or child

thanks, Jdole

It is so wonderful to have somebody to talk to!!!

we are looking into switch his care to other hospital in the new year. Hopefully will work out.

We are living in Toronto, Canada.

I came across a new product (for me is new, probably is not new since it was approved in May in Canada). I am wondering has anyone has ever used this product? see the link:

it is not a pump but the insertion solution is same as the pump. I am wondering whether I can use it for my son.  any ideas???

Never seen such a device. Looks interesting way to work towards a pump. Less injections is always a good thing. What does your son think??

he is too young to put on a pump. so we think it maybe an alternative solution to eliminate the trouble poking him so frequently.

i was 15 months old wen i was diagnosed...