I had a great day. A great time. Then the diabet-zilla sensation hit tonight, trying to figure out how to appear normal at the same time I have to force a once-piece swimsuit to function with a pump site.

Tonight I'm wishing this wasn't something I had to deal with. Tonight I'm wishing like I didn't feel like such a freak, for lack of a better word; wishing that I didn't fell all diabet-zilla. Like I was human without the monster/robot parts. Pump, meter, insulin... I wish it would just go away, even for five minutes!!

Anyone ever feel Diabet-zilla?? How do you turn that around?!

I can't get that 'false false' thing off the post -- I tried. If anyone knows how, that would be great, because it's starting to bug me :)

We all get this way sometimes. I want it to go away while at work. I have people ask me all the time what my pump is and I just tell them that it's a pager incase someone needs to get ahold of me. This is not because I am "ashamed" of having my pump I just dont want to go into great detail about what my pump is. Also, when I'm out with friends and I have to hold up the group or change a site or do whatever diabetes related it makes me feel like I am slowing them down from having fun. They all understand and what not its just that I dont like being the "fun-hater" as they call our wives lol.

I don't know what I do to get rid of it, I guess I would say I just deal with it and let it go out of my mind on it's own.

We all have those days and it drives us crazy. However, when I have a down day, I try to look at the alternatives. I look at how life was before I truly took responsibility for what was going on with me and how my life was. I looked at life pre-pump. Are there days when I am driven insane yes. But Things can always be worse and when I look at it that way, I can look beyond the anger/resentment and know that things are looking up and will be better hopefully sooner than later...

Yeah I get tired of it too.  But really, what choice do I have?  When I get tired of it I just remind myself how lucky I am to be alive.  If I had been born 50 years earlier than I was, I'd a been dead at age 19.  Doing what I am doing and have done in my long life when compared to 19 makes it all worth it.  It's just life for me.  Could be a lot worse.  Unfortunately I have no advice beyond think of the good things in your life and soldier on.

Oh, I know exactly what you mean. I used to be super-self-conscious about showing my site and I would always wear tankinis to hide it! Now I just figure that if people stare, then, hey, it's always a chance to educate them.

I do have some advice for one-pieces: Look for one that has an open back, and then put the set on either your butt/hip area or close to the side of your abdomen. The way you just have to reach in a little bit to connect and disconnect.

on day for skating, i had to wear a skating dress. of course, with a skating dress i have to wear tights so i dont go into the cold ice rink with bare legs. there was no easy and quick way to disconnect my pump because i was running late. so i put on a pair of shorts over my tigths so that i could go into the bathroom, disconnect from my pump and change into my skating dress. as i said, i was running late. and it was only 7 am. so i had already changed twice before noon. the last person who gets on the ice is picked on. it was me because i was 15 minutes late but my sister was on time. so i explaining to my skating coach and all the other skaters why i was so late and my skating coach responded: so are you rtying to make us all think you are some diva who has to changed a million times a day?(only as a joke, because she knows i have the pump and that it is attached to me and stuff.