Diabetes, adding another item to you daily list

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All parents have a "Do You Have" list of items that we bark to our kids as they rush out the door for school each morning: "Do you have your backpack? Lunch? House key? Shoes? Homework? Gym Clothes? History project requiring 1500 popsicle sticks that we stayed up to 3 a.m. to finish? How about a hug?"

If your kid has Type 1 Diabetes, the list continues: "Do you have snacks? How many? Glucose tabs? Cell phone? Glucose monitor? Insulin pen? Extra needles? Alcohol wipes? Hall pass for the clinic? Now, how about that hug?"

Yet when your diabetic child walks out the door, onto the bus and off to school, the real worry begins. You worry about if your kid has gym and if she'll be running the suicide sprints that always dip her blood sugar. Or about the science teacher that asks your child to leave the classroom and go to the clinic to check his blood glucose, meaning he'll miss more of his lab work and fall even further behind. Or that militant hall monitor who won't let your daughter go to her locker for her glucose tabs because she forgot a hall pass at home, even if she's displaying her medic alert tag. The list is endless and makes parents of a diabetic kid weak with apprehension.

I can be counted as one of the "luckier" parents: my son was diagnosed at the age of 13 and has been very self-reliant when it comes to managing his condition. I know from talking to parents with younger children with Type 1 that the worries for the younger set are much more fearful, including worrying about a surprise snack at school complete with cupcakes loaded with icing, or a child not being able to be tested in the classroom and needing to leaving the class room three or four times per day to simply to check her blood glucose, or that a kid's cup of applesauce will end up face down on the cafeteria floor and she doesn't have any other food to make up for lost carbs...

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