Diabetes and A FAILING marraige!

HELP! Im having the worst levels for the past 2 months! My marriage is falling apart and I think thats to blame for my up and downs! I've tried praying, being alone, talking to someone, being with friends, and PRAYING! But is seems nothing helps! I always feel like "BLAH" not only because my marriage is basically over but because my sugars are goin nuts! Does anyone have any ideas? Im going to talk to my dr on the 29th of April....(she's booked till then :( ...)  But Im not sure I can deal with this for that long! Not only is my marriage goin down the drain but my father in law just passed away from a horrible motorcycle accident, and I got into a accident with a semi in December of last year! So the pain of a herniated disc, the pain of loosing my father in law, and the pain of loosing my husband are just too much for my diabetes! HELP!!! By the way.... it's not that my husband or I are to balme for the problems, we are just not on the same track in life! And even though we are mutual on the dicissions it still SUCKS!!!


Thanks for letting me vent !!!! God bless and have an awesome day!


Sorry to hear that so many things are going on right now for you.  The stress will definately make you have highs.  I know even though my son is only 7 when he is stressed about something  or emotional his blood sugars are so high.  And it really does stink that your doctor can't see you for a month.  Hope things get better soon.  Will keep you in my prayers!


Thanks Jennifer... I know the emotions will deffinatly make me go high I just wish there was something I could do to make them NOT go so high!


I am really sorry to hear about all of this. The best thing I can tell you is that you probably should seek a therapist of some sort, maybe one for the overwhelming diabetes stuff and the other for marriage counseling. I can tell you first hand that the stress you have is causing your blood sugars to skyrocket which causes you to not feel well and become irritable and cranky. Once you get help with everything... all the other stuff will fall into place again.

Hang in there!

As a Daddy and Grandpa here is all I can offer>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HUG<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

of course, your sugars are going to go crazy during emotional stress. but we are all here to support you!!! and whenever you need to vent, we will all be more than willing to listen and give feedback :)

Awww thanks guys!!! Everyone's comments put a little smile on my face! I spoke with my husband last night and he actually asked me to get marriage counseling with our pastor so we are going wednesday to meet with him and hopefully turn this marriage thing around for the better! I know when I get high's my attitude gets horrible and thats one of the reason's we have issues! So I'm working on that! Also this has happened to me a few times but Im on Lantus and Humalog and I think I've built up a resistance! I finally got health insurance thru my job so with this dr's appt at the end of April fingers crossed I will be able to get back on the pump!!!!


Thank You all for your kind words, hugs, and support!!!

Let us know if you need anything from the internet end of things haha

Definitely do marriage counseling.  About 3 years ago my husband and I had similar issues.  Thanks to an awesome Christian counselor we not only saved our marriage, but now have an even stronger relationship, much better than I ever could have imagined. 

During this time of stress you're going to have to take extra good care of yourself.  Get enough sleep, plan healthy snacks to eat at work, and test your blood often.  I don't think you're building up a tolerance to insulin, but it might be time to make some dose increases. 

Take care.  I'll pray for you. 

Thanks so much! I know I wish I could get into see my dr sooner! Urrrggg

I to went trough a failing marriage that ended in divorce My bs run high every once in a while but my averae lately is 112

ran high when former left but now back respectable range. Hang in their you can over come and better days are to come


I will definitely keep you in my prayers, stay strong, take a deep breath and take one day at a time...I can feel your stress just in terms of the diabetes end of things not to mention all that you have going on.  I am starting to realize that it is ok for me to admit that I need to see a therapist or someone to talk to about the stress of living with diabetes and life in general, and I hope you are able to do the same! Thinking of you! 

~ Sara

Thank you everyone!!! Things are getting better... slowly but surely!

Vanessa, I have also been through a divorce and know how it can be very challenging. However I was not diabetic at the time, or I didn't know that I was. I can see how all of the stress would send you on a sugar rollercoaster! Just take time for yourself and remember to breathe!