Diabetes and asthma

i'm wondering if anyone has experience with inhaled steroids and T1. I have had some scary asthma experiences recently, and have been using my albuterol all the time. I tried singulair, but it doesn't seem to do much for me. My doc wants me to try flovent or advair, both of which include inhaled steroids, but i want to know what i'm signing on for BG-wise, and my doc knows next to nothing about T1. 

If you have asthma, what do you take? 


I have had asthma about 40 years - and of course allergies that trigger asthma.  Long and short for me - sometimes I have NO problems and I don't do anything, but certain years my allergies are bad and bingo -- frequent asthma attacks.  My regimen (now - when young I took allergy shots, etc)):

  1. Symbicort (preventative) or Singulair daily  - I have tried many - just keep changing until I find something that works
  2. Albuterol or Combivent - as needed for "emergency".  If I find that I use albuterol more than 1 time in 3 days then we go back to the step one.
  3. Zyrtec for allergy.
  4. Prednisone - I have 50 tablets in case of emergency. 

You are worried about your BG?  It has not had any major consequence for not - maybe some water retention -  currently have been bothered, so i am taking Singulair, Zyrtec everyday and Combivent once a week.  I have had to resort  to prednisone 3 times in the last 10 years - The albuterol was not working and I was traveling - but It was all fine.

For me - I just don't want to take any chances with asthma.  So I do what i need to do and compensate.  If everything is fine - i stop taking the Singular and zyrtec for 7 months and get back on it when I need to - of course my doc says - use it every day!! OK ... it's 50 cents a PUFF with insurance!!  Are you buying?  What's 50 cents of a buck a day - just money ... but that is for another topic .  like "how much does it COST you to roll out of bed" for your med(s)?  I am talking about $6.00 with good insurance - thank fully my kids = $0.00!


It's useless in asking me to "get to the point" or "keep it short".  My job reqires that I write losts of "words" as i get paid by the number of them - useful or not!




You could also ask your doc about Atrovent ... I tried this too. 

I have asthma, also, but it doesn't bother me much. I use Albuterol and Flovent when I need them- when I'm sick, and occasionally during allergy season (spring-summer). I have noticed that when I use the inhalers, my BS does rise a bit, but it levels out after I adjust my insulin.

I am an asthma educator and from what I know the inhaled steroids go straight to the lungs without  any or few side effects. It is not a systemic steroid  like the oral steroids so it should be ok, but talk to your doctor first  to make sure it is ok.