Diabetes and Autistic?

My son is seven years old and has ASD and was just diagnosed with Type 1.  Does any parents out there have any advice they can give me.  He is non-verbal but high functioning.  Does anyone recommend the pump?  I am nervous about it because I am unsure as to whether or not he wont freak out over it and try to pull it out.  He has already tried throwing his insulin away (luckily I caught him before it went into the garbage) Advice anyone?  Also, I need advice on how not to continuously worry throughout the night over Hypoglocemia.  Actually this is a worry I have all day long, but more so in the middle of the night because he cant communicate when he is feeling yucky.

I'm not a parent but have been living with diabetes for quite a while now, the insulin pump is amazing, many people will say good things about it, some may not, just depends on how you like to control your diabetes. How much do you know about the insulin pump already? Also there is an insulin pump that controls your blood sugar and gives you insulin, and alarms go off when your blood sugar is low, or high. Please don't hesitate to contact me, my e-mail is allie.213@hotmail.com.

Best of luck,