Diabetes and boyfriend girlfriends

I am doing a paper on diabetes and boyfriend's and girlfriend's and i thought u guys and girls could help me out

Well, what's the paper really on? like, how boyfriends and girlfriends cope with one of them being diabetic? or like, what part of a boyfriend-girlfriend thing r u writing on?

Nicole it is on how the boyfriend girlfriend deal with the other one have diabetes

hmm okay, well give me a couple days and ill have some opinions and info for you. the reason i say a few days is cuz i just got back from camp, and im barely awake to type at all haha :)

i dont have a "boyfriend" but when i did i almost told him i had diabetes cause i felt he should know. i think the persons BF or GF should try and understand and also try and comprimise with the situation like eat a salad with the person instead of a burger or drink water while the have a diet soda (if you dont like diet) just every once in a while to show that person with diabetes you care and want to help. ......but thats just mt opinion

the way i see it is if a boy can't except me having diabetes hes not the right one. :)

I agree with alaina. Also that the guy I am going to date needs to want to learn about it, he needs to want to understand it, because if anything is happening to me, I want him to understand what's going on to the point of the way my parents would (who have helped me through 13 years of diabetes).

exactly! :) i want a guy to know how much we go through everyday and be able to love us the same even if we have diabetes or not.



[quote user="alaina"]exactly! :) i want a guy to know how much we go through everyday and be able to love us the same even if we have diabetes or not.[/quote]


you said it sister! :)

well my gf knows i have diabetes & she dont me as some one why cant do anything she see as who i am.

sometimes when i tell a girl that i'm diabetic she'll think that i can't eat like a doughnut but i try to explain it to her that i can and she'll eventually understand

Well I just now got my first boyfriend. I told him before hand before we started dating or anything that I was a type one diabetic. We really don't talk about the subject much though I just do what I need to do. He seems to be perfectly okay with it. When I showed him my pump the other day though I think he freaked a little bit but I believe he is okay with it. He is actually wanting to sign up with me and walk in the diabetes walk which is super duper cool. I believe in my heart that people should accept you for who you are and you should try to hide your diabetes from them because now it's just part of who you are. If you really care about that someone there shouldn't be any secrets between you and them, so it's best to tell them. If a guy/girl doesn't accept you for who you are they most definitely are NOT the right ones for you. There are accepting kind hearted people out there in the world and you'll just have to be patient to find one till it's the right time, place, and person for your paths to cross.

I was diagnosed July 22, and my boyfriend at the time didn't take it well. He came to visit me in the hospital and I swear I thought he was going to pass out. Then he just stopped talking to me. For like, 2 weeks. Then he texted me and asked if "we could talk". Then he dumped me. You would think an 18 year old soon to be collage student, who wants to be a phycology major, would understand.

Point is, you HAVE to be patient and find the right guy. Because some guys suck.