Diabetes and Bullying

Have you or someone you know been bullied because of diabetes? Please share you experience below.

Recently, I read an article written by Moira McCarthy (read the article here) where a child became very brave and told his coach that some kids on his football team thought it would be funny to take all of his diabetes supplies out of his bag and hide them. If you are being bullied at school please be sure to tell someone!

The only diabetes-related bullying I've received is from my insurance company, which wants to limit the number of test strips I use a day.  =)

I have never personally been bullied but i have heard some pretty scary/sad stories about other diabetics being bullied. I just get questioned about it. Sometimes more than needed. and Jenna your comment made me laugh! Diabetes and insurance companies are always a struggle! They have tried telling me i dont use as much insulin as the doctor ordered for me.... i could help but ask how the heck they knew that lol

The threat of of little poke with an insulin pen and a few units of insulin should be enough to scare away bullies. Who would know?  

" I was just swatting a bug on your neck. You're don't look well? Maybe you're having an allergic reaction to the bug bite."

Maybe I shouldn't have watched Breaking Bad.