Diabetes and Cross Country (woo!)

Hi my name is Brandon and I was diagnosed with T1 on January 4 of this year. I went through DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis) and lost 26 pounds. I weighed 107 pounds at the height of 5' 11". My blood sugar peaked at 724 and the doctors said I was at risk for heart attack, stroke etc. I just turned 15 a month ago, and I have my diabetes under control. I now weigh a healthy 145 pounds. I do have days where diabetes is a learning experience, and I also have MANY frustrations. Overall I view it as a challenge on a day-to-day basis, especially since I'm a runner. I started running last year and this has been my first seasons of cross country and track. I still managed to get a PR of 17:31 in cross country prior to diagnosis and 5:07 in the 1600 after my recovery from DKA. I discovered that running is my passion, and I don't intend to stop just because of a pesky little disease. I still run with my cross country team, and when I do I take a several packs of GU with me and eat them every 15 minutes of the run. I always thought that it was incvonient to have to take them with me but then I eventually that T1 isn't really convenient either. So track season has been over for a while and my team is starting off season summer training for cross country. Cross country starts in September and I want to make varsity more than anything. I want to show diabetes who's boss. Is there anybody out there like me?


You have a great attitude!  I used to be a gymnastics and I had to eat very often during my training hours....thinking back I did not mind it at all,  I now manage my diabetes with diet and it works great!

Keep the good work up!

My 11 year old was diagnosed on May 16 and ran a 5K on May 24!!!!  She loves to run, but not for speed, just for the run.  I want to push her into cross country because I think she would love it, but instead she will be doing volleyball, which she loves even more.   It is a big challenge to figure out how exercise affects her, and we are trying to keep a log of it, but as you say, it isn't convenient to have T1.  Keep up the good attitude!

Hey Brandon,

Yes I take a similar approach.... The big D sure picked the wrong person to mess with in me.  I've always been competitive in everything I do and diabetes is no different.  Diabeties vs Me for 19 years and I can proudly say that I'm winning this battle.  Every now and then diabeties does win a leg of the race but doesn't stay ahead of me for very long.   It sounds like the D has also picked the wrong person in you.  I like how you take it as a personal battle.  Don't be afraid to kick the D's A**!!


Dx'd 11/06/1992