Diabetes and Depression Linked

Treating Depression May Help Diabetes

"It's a two-way street. Research suggests that if you have diabetes, you're more likely to suffer from depression. And if you are depressed, you're more likely to develop diabetes. What does this mean to you? For one thing, being treated for depression may improve your diabetes symptoms. Read more important findings in this provocative article."

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It would be interesting if depression is actually an immune disorder. 

I know for sure that diabetes adds to my depression....come on, its just one more thing to have to try and work on with the 50,0000 other things life throws at you.  


There are some new lines of investigation by Masliah's group in California and others that suggest that even with good peripheral management of insulin, the brain may not be well regulated. It seems that some evidence exists to suggest that insulin deficiency in the brain may be linked to aspects of depression. In the US, the FDA is looking into approving intra-nasal insulin for memory disorders (like Alzheimer's) but, depression may not be far behind (It was some English guy whose name escapes me but if I remember, I'll post it later.  It was Richard something).  You may want to ask about this. I have heard that the intra-nasal insulin can be drying and for some people it is painful but, it may be worth a look.

Whoops... sorry Richard is the person who sent me the info:

Richard IG Holt

Professor in Diabetes & Endocrinology

Human Development and Health Academic Unit  

Faculty of Medicine

University of Southampton

The researcher was Feltz-Cornelis.


That's really swell. I was offered a clonazapan addiction to handle my diabetes depression. Really? Like I need appointments at the narcotic addictions clinic to add to my list of places to go and issues to deal with! I'm a mother of 4 amazing kids (ages 19, 16, 11, and 9) and the wife of a loving and exceptional bi-polar/adhd husband (together for 20 years married for 15). Please, give me an addiction to go with my list of growing stresses! Dka anyone? Sorry for the sarcasam but cummon!!!