Diabetes and Depression Online Chat

I wanted to invite you all to my own personal support website tomorrow night at the Diabetes Talkfest

I will be holding an online chat tomorrow May 5 at 9pm eastern time (NY) with Wendy Satin Rappaport a social worker and psychologist specializing in diabetes for twenty-eight years! She helped me when I was battling depression in 2005.

No registration required: All you have to do to join the chat tomorrow is click on this link www.diabetestalkfest.com/chat.html make a user name or click on guest then click on the the room that says Wendy Rappaport chat at 9pm est or 6pm pst and start chatting!

To find out more http://diabetestalkfest.ning.com/events/diabetes-and-depression-chat

Thats great, thanks gina!

hey my name is devin i have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 4 two years.i am 12 years old and ill be honest,having diabetes is a big responsibility.if u dont mind can u give me some tips on how to stay away from sweets cause thats a big problem for me so if you could.THANKS!

sure thats no prblem. well what helps me is to have all my sugar free sweets ontop of my carb full sweets. it helps cuz that way you eat the sugar free ones first. i especialy like the jell-o pudding, chocolates, gatorade g2, and other good but sugar free stuff.

are you 12 or 32? lol ur profile says 32, u say your 12.. clear up please? lol thanks! :D