Diabetes and Education

People that receive education about diabetes typically have lower healthcare costs, according to a recent study entitled “Assessing the Value of Diabetes Education. In fact, it found that those in the health plan group that received diabetes education paid 5.7% less for the healthcare, while those on Medicare paid 14% less. Check out the full article here.

I was wondering how many people here have received formal education about diabetes?

I learned by growing up with my little sister who had it 12 years before I got it. Never took or had the desire to take any diabetes education classes.

other than random workshops, usually geared towards T2's anyways, and going in to talk to a dietitan and whatnot...as far as I'm aware they don't offer educational classes other than the training you go to when first diganosed.

the hospital i was diagnosed at had a wonderful education program with a trained educator, and a dietician.  i learned much from them.  then much later came nursing school so i got the other side of things-what the health care professionals receive.  not to toot my own horn, but i passed those lessons with ease!