Diabetes and Heart Disease for T1's

Hi Everyone,

New here, T1 for 30 yrs, A1C in the 8-9 range my whole life - doing really well, enjoying life, never been a "sick person", complication free, rockin' a great professional career. etc, etc.    Until I had a heart attack in January.  I'm 42 yrs old.   I don't have any "modifiable" risk factors, (I am slim, healthy, eat well, very active etc, etc). 

Minor as far as these things ("events" as they are termed) go, right coronary (not the left), stent inserted, no discernable damage to the heart.  I got in within minutes of relatively vague symptoms.  No one was more surprised than me!!

Sigh...so, nobody talks about what this means for T1's.  I always thought heart disease and it's statistics were about T2's and metabolic syndrome patients.  Cardiology says "oh...it's the diabetes.  Nothing you can do about it.  Go live your life"

Thoughts? Help?

I mean, I was ready for the eventual kidney, blindness, nerve damage route - but heart attack?  really?!!






I'm 39 years and T1 for 19 of them.  Your story sounds similar, but with out the hear attack.  A1Cs and overall a healthy person.  My doc is very proactive in addressing the heart attack risk.  But she never really says "I'm doing this so you don't have a heart attack".   I believe that is the #1 reason  our blood work every 3 months includes a lipid / cholesterol profile. As well as the low dose aspirin on a daily basis.   But you are right it isn't talked about like the others.  Glad you are doing fine, and hearing your story makes me want to go exercise and get the "good cholesterol' up.  

Jason in Orlando

Heart disease is the #1 diabetes complication, for both type 1 and type 2.  Glad you're okay.

Sorry to hear you had a heart attack, but glad no serious damage was done. There are a few factors we cannot control that increases our risk. These are heredity, diabetes, gender, and age.  Some of the factors we can control are; diet, exercise, alcohol, stress, and cholesterol.

I have been T1 for 43 vyears and heart disease runs in my family. I alreadfy have 3 of the uncontrollables. Men are more at risk than women. I eat healthy, stay active, and try to keep my cholesterol in the good range. I was taking the low dose aspirin daily, but was told by my dr. and have read that it does not benefit diabetics.

Their is lots of research and information on heart disease and how to reduce the risks. I had to do some research for my medical assisting classes. The internet is full of valuable information.

Good luck