Diabetes and Life

Hi I’m new here I live in the UK.

Hi yes I had glandular fever really bad. And I reckon this started mine off.

@Libby66 Hello! Sorry I’m late to the party, but how are you holding up? :slight_smile:

Hi yes plodding on as you do :thinking: how are you doing?

Hi, Hannah, I’d love to answer some questions!

Products I use: I have the Dexcom G6 and the omnipod.
How long have I had this disease: 2 years I was diagnosed at 12
things I have had to give up: I haven’t had to give up anything yet i thought when i would be older i might wanted to join the military but having Type one I can’t but i think i’m okay with that.
foods: I haven’t given up foods i just choose not to eat to much sweeties because i want to manage my disease well and live a long time.
becoming diabetic: I had gotten the flu both type A and B. I went into DKA and was in a coma for three days the doctors thought i would never wake up.
A1C: I was 10 something when i got diagnosed and my A1C before i got the CGM and Pump was 6.1 that is lowest i have been so far that i know :laughing:
I am trying desperately to keep it down but at my last appointment i was 6.8. Which according to my doctor is really good, but i am striving to get it down much lower. I’m 14 now and actually i have a sister who is 23 and graduating college this year. My email is Bqpower12@gmail.com. If you ever want to talk!

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Hi Eve @EveBq, that is a real “OUCH”!!! at the time of your diagnosis. From what else you have written, I offer you two “thumbs up” for your willingness to take seriously the task of managing your diabetes - you are doing great.

I really like your attitude - so positive. Now if you’re willing to accept a thought from an old timer who has lived with fairly well with diabetes for more than 60 years, don’t let numbers [A1c changing from 6.1 to 6.8; both in-range] bother you but rather use them to guide future decisions. Consider “your history” too, in addition to looking at food, insulin and your activity; if your A1c was recent, it encompasses the winter months where your outside activity may have decreased and also a bunch of holidays that you enjoyed. What I’m trying to say, enjoy living and your life, don’t let diabetes keep you from doing anything [practical] that you want to do, and use numbers like the 6.8 to guide adjustments. Remember too that lab tests can at times be a bit-off in accuracy.

Thanks a lot! That’s really appreciated.