Diabetes and Memory Loss

Memory loss can result from having a very bad hypo but it is almost always temporary. I have experienced that may times during my 65 years of Type 1. I have read that a hypo that is so bad that unconsciousness lingers for a long time can cause brain damage. That has probably been previously discussed on this site. A new member on another site said she had been in an unconscious state with a diabetic coma for one month. That may be the worst hypo I have seen discussed. She is OK now and is posting there. I wonder how much memory she has lost and what other side effects, if any, she is experiencing. Have any of you had similar experiences with temporary memory loss due to hypos? How about prolonged unconsciousness? Any other side effects? 

I am experiencing memory loss due to aging. Here is a nice little poem that sums it up nicely. (I am not the author of the poem.)

Forgetter Be Forgotten?

My forgetter's getting better,
But my rememberer is broke
To you that may seem funny
But, to me, that is no joke

For when I'm 'here' I'm wondering
If I really should be 'there'
And, when I try to think it through,
I haven't got a prayer!

Oft times I walk into a room,
Say 'what am I here for?'
I wrack my brain, but all in vain!
A zero, is my score.

At times I put something away
Where it is safe, but, Gee!
The person it is safest from
Is, generally, me!

When shopping I may see someone,
Say 'Hi' and have a chat,
Then, when the person walks away
I ask myself, 'who the hell was that?

Yes, my forgetter's getting better
While my rememberer is broke,
And it's driving me plumb crazy
And that isn't any joke.


Hi Richard -

I don't think I've ever experienced memory loss due to lows but for awhile I was very worried that diabetes in general was doing a number on my memory.  My long-term memory was fine but my short term memory started getting worse and worse a few years ago to the point I was doing things like leaving stuff out of the refrigerator on the counter for hours, forgetting conversations and letting the dogs out and not remembering to let them back in (luckily they bark when they want in!)

I was worried that my earlier years of high sugars were taking their toll but it turned out I had developed a thyroid problem (hypothyroid).  Went on daily synthroid pill and memory bounced right back - plus some other things I was attributing to diabetes like body aches also got way better.  I mention this because I've heard that you are more likely to have thyroid issues if you have diabetes so folks having memory issues unexplained by other issues might want to look into it.  Medical folks tend to want to blame every symptom on diabetes the longer we have it, sometime we need to push to get other issues explored.  

By the way Richard - it's always awesome running into someone who has had diabetes longer than I have and is still going strong.  Thanks for the inspiration! 

i experience everyday.. i  forgot the names now a days..and where i am going and what i had done yesterday... yes because i faced lots of times low sugar.. usually taking class in a skool.!

Richard, I like your poem!
I am definitely in the “memory loss club”. T1D for 25 years. Back in the “bad old days” before CGMs, my husband twice had to call the medics when I was in bed, mumbling incoherently. My bG was in the teens. I know I’ve lost a ton of brain cells in the process. I’m now 56 years old and I’m working hard to get my brain back in shape.
My memory has improved a bit after giving up all alcohol, going on antidepressants, eating right, and loading up on Omega-3’s, tumeric, and B-12. The thing that bothers me the most is that my “mind’s eye” is barely functional. Has anyone else experienced this?