Diabetes and mood

I was wondering...lately I have been having what people call mood swings...and I am a guy..does blood sugar effect modd that much?

My boyfriend tells me all the time I go from being really outgoing to really quiet and moody when my blood sugar is low.

Im a guy too and this happenes. Blood sugar does affect mood. High or low it does something... and what happened changes from person to person. :)

I am moody with both low and high sugar levels. It's normal : )

Hi I am new here and this is my first post.  I have a 6 year old who gets away with about everything with the statement ....my sugar is low that is why i am acting that way.

Yes, def. Man, woman and child if your blood sugars are too high or too low you will be moody! Having these symptoms can help family and friends detect if something is off and they will know you are in need of juice or maybe you need some insulin. That is how it works in my house anyway!

I can get VERY crabby if my BG is low... Lethargic if I'm high. It's very normal.

The High's and Lows of BS really cause some weird mood swings. I definitly getting really, really grouchy when low, the bad thing with that is sometimes just when I am in a bad mood, 'cause that does happen to people sometimes, my mom automatically worries and is like how is your sugar, are you low, eat something. Which will than piss me off even more.

When I am high I am all over the place, happy, sad, running off the walls, and just not Brian.

Oh my gosh, i get sooo pissy when my blood sugar is high. It gets me in lots of trouble. But when its low i just get like..depressed and sometimes mad but not at people just in general.