Diabetes and my personal life

So, saturday I'm going to a family reunion picnic. I haven't seen much of my family since I recently got diagnosed as a type one. So, everyone's like oh i wana see her and this and this...I really don't wana see one of my uncles in particular because I got into a big argument with him and it effected me so much emotionally that my sugar has been so out of control ever since this argument that never got settled...it'll be a year now...I wana go to the family reunion but I don't wana see him there cuz it really annoys the crap out of me that he's so inconsiderate about the fact that I'm sick...JUST WRITING ABOUT THIS REALLY UPSETS ME...I just wana go to the picnic and be me...and if I'm a little cranky or tired cuz my sugars high well I don't want my family to make stupid comments on it..i just wana be me and have a good time...



i just needed to vent...if anyone has advice feel free to help..:(

What I would do is I would go and see everyone and talk to everyone. Talk to them about your diabetes but also talk to them about other things. Everything doesnt have to be aobut diabetes. Also don't let it hold you back on things you wanna do. I have heard saying from someone on this site so whoever I am stealing this from I am sorry, but it's a good statement..... I have Diabetes, Diabetes does not have me. 

I do not know what your arguement was about but I would maybe try and talk to him before the Family reunion so you two can clear the air so to speak of whatever you guys we're argueing about.


Hi Miss Lena,

I get the feeling that going to this picnic means a lot to you, and believe you will feel defeated if you allow the incident between you and this uncle to make you decide not to go.  You are also upsetting yourself both by anticipating your meeting with this uncle and the comments you think your family might make about your blood sugars.  In a way it's unfortunate that we human beings are able to anticipate a future event like this picnic, because 99% of the time our expectation is much worse than the event turns out to be.  Imagine instead yourself coming home from the picnic saying to yourself, "I'm so glad I decided to go..., I really had a great time."  Picture it... because I believe that's what's going to happen.

It's already Friday and the picnic is tomorrow but try to change your focus.  Try to focus on those members of your family you can't wait to see and imagine the hugs, the laughter and the catching up you'll do with them.  Also, try to see the positive side of YOU, because of your diabetes and because most of your family members love and care about you, possibly being the center of attention. If you maintain the attitude YOU expressed how "you just want to be you and have a good time,"  they will all say, "Hey, Lena looks great and she seems to be dealing with her diabetes very well."  That will make you feel great.  (Dress very nicely and look your best.  It will go along way to boost your confidence too.)

Just one more thing, and that is that what I believe you SHOULD be preparing yourself for now is the food you are likely to eat at the picnic and perhaps the exercise if your family plays games like Frisbee or Volleyball.  A picnic is a unique "eating" situation and you want to avoid going either high or low because THIS can surely ruin the experience.  If you're a carb counter, look up the number of carbs in typical picnic foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, cold salads, snack foods (potato chips, pretzals, etc.).  You can even plan in advance what you will eat, like one hamburger, one hot dog, etc and how much insulin you might need to take.  BRING glucose tablets, just in case.  Plan to test your blood sugar regularly like every hour or less and perhaps accept a little looser control like a sugar target between 150 and 200 even if you normally strive for a target closer to 100.  This way you will feel well without risking a low blood sugar reaction.

To show you how funny events like this can sometimes become..., many times when I would test my blood sugar at a family gathering, many of my family members and friends would ask me to test theirs.  So I would bring extra lancets and perhaps a spare meter so their "perfectly normal" blood sugars (i was so jealous of those lucky __________) wouldn't affect my pump averages.  Perhaps you could even find out if this uncle of yours is "brave" enough to have his finger pricked!!  Just have a great time, Lena, and don't eat too much.  I iknow you will.


thank you guys so much...I'm so glad that I always find people to support me on this site...I've been getting ready, packing my supplies, certain foods for me...and it seems like ima have to be more worried about sugar lows this time...usually my sugar gets high...but lately it's been pretty low... I really appreciate everyone's help and responses it made me feel alot better...i'm still a little nervous but I'm way better than I was before I got online...I was already starting to freak out but now im more calm...

tomorrow's the day :)


Hi Lena,

Keep your chin up.  This is a tough disease but I'm sure that your family loves you and it WILL be OK.  I have been through lots of tough times with my family too but they are family, and it always has a way of working out.

Go and have fun at your picnic.  Enjoy and try not to let things stress you out.  I'll be praying for you!  :)


I wish you luck tomorrow, Lena!

There will always be those whom are inconsiderate and ignorant. The thing to remember is that ignorance is THEIR problem--not yours. It typically stems from a misunderstanding or a misinterpretation of the disease, its nature, and how it affects those who have it. You can try to educate others, but what they choose to listen to is out of our control.

I can't even tell you how many times I have gotten "if you were skinnier would you still be diabetic?" or "if you didn't eat so much sugar as a kid, you wouldn't have diabetes." Ridiculous comments like these are made by people who don't understand and choose not to understand.

Keep your chin up! You have many more friends and family members who care about you, not just this one uncle. Don't let him get to you because you are so much more than a diabetic and are capable of rising above an argument. You are strong--show him that!

What I would do is go and have fun and don't bring it up.  If someone else does, discuss it with them briefly it they're cool enough to listen and understand.  if they're not, give a short answer and say "Oh it's Aunt Jenny, I just GOT to talk to her" and excuse your self.   I'm not a big public tester/doser.  I'd go into the ladies room to do these things.  It's really no one else's business anyway.  Just test every so often.  If you get into the 200s or something it's not such a big deal.  Just make sure you don't get low!  Most of all have fun. 

Since I don't know the particulars of the Uncle thing I can't really comment.