Diabetes and POF

Hello everyone my name is Victoria Zimmerman. I am 21 year old college student who is currently completing my first year of a two year program.

On April Fool’s Day I got news that my mom received a phone call from the receptionist at the local hospital in my college town about my blood test results. She wasn’t supposed to say this shorter for of one of the results but slipped up and said POF. So I had no clue they got that until the doctor and my mom said that on my appointment date. What POF stands for is Premature Ovarian Failure which means that I will have less of a chance to become pregnant which makes me infertile. I don’t think it is related to Diabetes but it is hurting me so bad. How can I handle this?

What would happen if I do become pregnant, will my Diabetes affect me and will POF be a major complication? I do have a boyfriend and he is very supportive right now and does mention adopting someday down the road but in my mind I would like to see my belly grow. It is already tough just talking about it and looking at anything baby related I can’t control my emotions. Does anyone else have Diabetes and POF? I would like to know more about it and who to cope. I really appreciate it.

I do have a doctor’s appointment coming up to talk about going on birth control, a bone density scan, to see a fertility specialist and geneticist, but mostly to have a physical and an ultrasound done I believe. That is May 1st of this year. I will keep you all posted when I find out more.

-Victoria Zimmerman
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hi Victoria.
Im so sorry to hear this. I can imagine this is tough to process.
I am an oldtimer with POF, but am pretty new to type1.

Its been a year since you got this news, and im not sure if you are still active on this site.
Give me a sign, and Ill write u a longer post to tell you a bit of my story.

all the best to you from me