Diabetes and Seizures

My son is soon to be 7, and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes shortly after his 4th birthday.  Last February, he had a Grand Mal seizure...unrelated to his diabetes.  His blood sugar was 77 during the seizure, and his Endo is confident that it did not cause the seizure.  Seth has been on two different types of anti seizure meds.  The first one turned him into the devil child, but now he is on Lamictal and is seizure free.  I have noticed a few random Petit Mal seizures, but the neurologist didn't seem overly concerned.

Has anyone had a similar experience?  I just wonder how many Type 1 children also have seizures, unrelated to their diabetes.  Seth was born 6 weeks premature, with jaundice, but other than that, has been healthy.  He is small for his age, and according to a bone age scan, his bones are 18 months smaller in age than what they should be.


Ethan had sezuires befor he was diagnosed. He was two wekks past due date. He had some smaller sezuires and a grand mal one. They put him on phenobarbatol. He was on that for about a year and removed from it. We have been sezuire free since then. He is now 7. Don’t know if there is anything to do with it. Always looking at the whole picture though. They said he had a stroke at birth due to lack of oxygen when he was born. The cord strangled him. And that’s why he had seizures.