Diabetes and sports

Hi everyone! I play volleyball and I was wondering if any of you play sports and how you keep your blood sugar up. Even when I turn off my basal my blood sugar still drops sometimes before I’ve even finished warm ups. If you have any tips I’d love to hear them! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @EmmaG,

It sounds like you may be heading in the right direction, although I don’t term basal completely but rather reduce it to 10%. Before you can really decide what is your “best” protocol for exercise make certain that your basal rates are optimized for your normal day and also that you are not overdosing with bolus and that your active insulin time is accurate.

I generally reduce my basal rate to anything between 10% and 30% about 90 minutes before my exercise / bike riding begins. The reason I make the reduction so early is that neither Humalog nor Novolog starts working in me within the first for and doesn’t peak until three hours after I bolus. Remember we are all different and need to calculate as close as we can the timing for insulin we take. Yes, I much preferred twenty years ago when Humalog started doing its thing in me within 10 minutes.

Thanks. I have played around with reducing and it seems like 60% to 75% works best but not always.But it could be that I’m not always reducing early enough.