Diabetes and the supreme court

This is a question I have had since I heard about the supreme court ruling on the 2nd amendment favoring ownership or handguns (this is not my specialty, sorry if my understanding isn't 100%).  I talked with a law student around the time of the decision, and his explanation was that handguns were now considered to be acceptable for "militia-ready" individuals to own in case they were needed to defend the country.  Essentially, anyone who could be drafted was included in this ruling.  My question to him was how does type1 diabetes play into this ruling?  In a hypothetical situation, if a diabetic was hoarding handguns could her disability be used as a loophole against this decision?  My contact said it was possible, anyone else know anything about this?

I forwarded your question to my boyfriend.  He and I just passed the bar and this area is more up his ally than mine.  He may be able to give you some general background feedback on the issue.

I'll pass it along to you when he gets back to me about it.