Diabetes binder

Hi teens, I kown that many of u dont kown what a diabetes binder is what i can say that a diabetes binder is a binder that everything in it that can help diabetic's like how much is somethnig.

It would help me if u teens could help me with this so that i can put more stuff in my diabetes binder. Thanks so much for ur help.

Like how many carbs are in stuff?


I have a diabetes binder it has tons of stuff like how many carbs ceratin food have , how to figure out how many carbs are in something when you make say cookies from scratch um how certain insullin works dr's numbers movtivating sayings for those "down day" what foods effect me in diffrent ways what food works best for pre game or workout snacks stuff like that .. extra emergancy plans for my teachers or work stuff like that hope this helps

i got a diabetes binder when i was first diagnosed, i had forgotten all about it until i saw this. haha thanks


Me too!!

Sliding scale

what to do in case of an emergency

how to administer shots

how to check blood sugar

I have one that I keep in my sports locker at school and one in my teachers class that i have right before lunch. I keep all of the important emergency things in my sports one because I have a tendency to go low. Hope this helps some :)

sliding scale?

Sliding scales are those scales you have when you're on a meal plan instead of carb-counting. i.e. "If my blood sugar is below 150, at lunchtime (which is at 12pm everyday), then I take 5 units of Humalog for a lunch (which is always 60g of carbs)." If it were between 150-250, you'd take a little more, and if it were 250+ you'd take even more.

oh okay :) thank you