Diabetes book

Hey, this is not just for the parents, but I thought it might be useful for them too.  My mom recently bought me a book called, "Think like a pancreas".  It's by Gary Scheiner, MS, CDE.  It is by far the best book I, my mom, or my dad has read!  (and my dad does TONS of reading up on diabetes......he knows about all of the latest diabetes stuff even before I do!)  I'm not saying to ignore everything you've ever heard and rely on this book; I'm just saying that if you're looking for some guidance, this guy gives some insanely helpful tips and has definitely helped me personally take better care of my diabetes.  =)

Thanks, we are new to this, as my daughter was just diagnosed on 10/29/09.  I have been trying to read a lot and am currently reading Everything Parent's Guide to Children with Juvenile Diabetes but have not found it so far to have tips and tricks so I will definetly get this book.  Thanks for the recomendation!

-Meg (Emmies Mom)

I am reading that book Think Like a Pancreas as well...........and it is a great book!

yes, I have heard fantastic things about that book.  People everywhere are recommending it.  I'm on TuDiabetes.org too and all of the members suggest Think Like a Pancreas and the Bernstein diet.