Diabetes & Celiacs

Anyone have any really good suggestions on what to pack in a child's school lunch so they don't end up hating the same old thing every day?  My daughter is a 9 year old diabetic/celiac.


we  use the little metal thermos bottle a lot ...gf pasta, fried rice(really easy to make -, old rice, scrambled  egg, a few chopped scallion  tossed w gf soy sauce), thai kitchen gluten free noodles (pad thai etc...)and soups.   Wrapped in tinfoil - tacitos, burritos made with corn tortillas (refried beas from a can plus grated cheese 30 sec in microwave).  Cucumber avocado sushi rolls.the list is ever growing since april '10 dx.  Also lots of glutino chocolate wafer cookies. fruit and crunchy gf snacks and popcorn.  Luckily my daughter  (10yrs old) likes a lot of different stuff.

hope it helps


Dear Heidi,

Here are just a few suggestions - if you want to include gluten free bread - may I suggest making you own at home with a bread machine - the best prepackaged bread mixture so far is 'Bob's  is red Mill'.  I also have a cheese bread recipe that is very tasty - everyone says so.  Otherwise I'd put small muffins [ e.g. bannana] with cold meat / finger veggies/ fresh fruit/ salad if she likes that.  One concoction my mom continues to make to this day [ and I'm 60 - celiac X 59 years!] is left over roast, ground with onion/ celery/ usually a pickle[very necessary!] mixed with a little mayonaise - spread on rice crackers / bread for the rest of the family./ Devilled eggs with potato chips/ cheetos[ her classmates will want to steal her lunch!] / fruit . If she likes cheese, I have a cheese cracker recipe that the dietician said ' don't worry re carbohydrates - there isn't enough to count'. This same recipe with a little more cayenne is a fast mover on the h'ordeurve plate!  And there's always gluten free cold cuts with fruit / wrapped around fruit / carrots / celery... Soup I have found difficult - except for homemade soup - I now have more recipes than I can count.- usually easy / not very expensive.  As for cookies - I have found that using 'regular' recipes with rice / potato flour taste better than ones at the supermarket - I make rolls of dough / freeze / then bake as necessary.  My cookies never lasted long when I took them to work [ well known children's hospital here in Ontario]. I had dieticians review my recipes for carb. count / portion allowed.....  Yes it takes time to prepare but living with these two conditions may be a blessing in disguise - a good diet means a long healthy active life. 

Season's greetings - from Sue

If your daughter wants sandwiches, a really good pre-made bread is Udi's.  I like it because it is good either toasted or not and people can't tell it's gluten free.  I first found it at a gluten free market but you can order it online as well.  Amy's also has some really good gf frozen dinner options.