Diabetes Diet Prescribed In 1916, Before Insulin

The following post was made by a friend on a UK diabetes site. It is very interesting!!!

"Here's a link to an ebook of a diet prescribed in 1916 at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, which is extremely carbohydrate restricted, around 30g per day, sometimes only 15g, for diabetics. It shows that carb restriction was known about and practised nearly 100 years ago and before insulin was discovered. Unfortunately it did not save the lives of many of the children described but helped the adults."


Wow, this is amazing. I am SO glad my daughter was born in this more advanced age. My favorite part was reading the diet for the 12 year old girl - crazy!

Here's what they gave the kid on her first day in the hospital:

Whiskey, 1-1/2 ounces.
Protein, 5 grams.
Carbohydrate, 12 grams.
Fat, 7 grams. No glycosuria.
Calories, 213.