Diabetes educator

Hey! I'm in school now for Pre Med, but have decided that I actually want to be a Diabetes Educator, but have NO idea how to pursue that. What should my major be? What do I have to do? I'm absolutely, 100% clueless, so if anyone has ANY kind of info, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks :)

Hey!  I went over a couple of sites since I have nothing else to do, haha, and I found the same criteria over and over again.  Here's one of the links that I went to:


Hope this can answer your question.  Hopefully there are some CDEs out here who can answer your question even better :)

I think you can have pretty much any major you want.  I am currently in pharmacy school and I know at least one of my professors is a PharmD and CDE and I know a few nurses that are CDEs as well.  I think you may just have to take some courses and log some clinical hours to be certified.  I don't have the exact details but I will try and find out.  Especially since I am interested in doing the same thing:)

Try this website: http://www.ncbde.org/   As far as majors go, I think pretty much anything in the healthcare field is acceptable.  Although, the website has more info.  Hopefully this helps!

i talked to a friend who is a nurse and she told me that you have to be a nurse practioner in order to get to be a diabetes educator. but even that will need a lot of experience and schooling.

I met with my CDE today, and she said you can major in anything medical related. (nursing, dietition) and then 2 yrs experience, then 1000 hours with a dietition, then you can take the board exam for CDE