Diabetes Expos

Has anyone ever been to a diabetes expo?

I'm going to my first in Chicago in about 2 weeks.

I'm excited, but what should I expect? Free stuff I hope!? I've gone to conventions before and i LOVE the free stuff! haha

I went to the ADA's Diabetes Expo here in Philly last year and was honestly pretty dissapointed.

Because its put together by the ADA there was a big focus on T2...also, there were some really strange vendors.

BUT I'd go back!  LOL I got to check out different meters and pumps that I wouldnt have otherwise gotten the chance to see  :)

Honestly though - wish JDRF had something similiar.  :)

I've gone to one in Portland, OR, and it wasn't that great. I got a free meter out of it, but, like StaycT said, there was more of a focus on Type 2.

The only reason I like going is because there's always a booth for the diabetes camp I go to, so I get to see some of the counselors and friends from camp, if they're volunteering.



well it should be interesting then! haha

I'll let you all know what it's like when I go.

I am going to one here in Phoenix in about 3 weeks and was pretty much expecting what's already been reported.  BUT I do want to check out some of the new pumps and wahtnot, so it'll be worth it.  And if I can get a free meter out of it?  Even better!  I need an upgrade, but only if it's pink.  :)

I was going to go to one in NYC but had something come up last minute..I've always wanted to go to one especially now getting older and wanting to help out more.  Is there any other diabetes related stuff that anyone does besides helping out with JDRF walks, going to expos/conventions, or camps to either help raise awareness or volunteer to help?  I help out with the walks but I want to start doing more but I'm not really sure of what else I can do since I'm sure there's a lot to do.