Diabetes Fair

I am looking for some help in trying to organize a Diabetes fair at my children's school.  My daugher was diagonosed in January of 2011.  She is the only diabetic at the school that has about 1,000 kids.  Can anyone provide me with any suggestions of how to do this?



That is the one's I can think of. Hope it help good luck.


I think an education event (with or without fundraising) is a great idea.  I would encourage you to reach out to some other parents to get some additional hands on deck to maybe help make visual aids, man some booths, etc - Delegating (and learning to be good at delegation) will be an important part of this unless you want to do yourself in -  Jaime's right about the jdrf and ADA sites, and you can, of course, google some other childrens' hospital sites and such that will have some good resources, too.

I think it's awesome that you are taking this on - I can't wait to hear how it goes!



Is she really the only one? There are 3 in my daughter's school of 400.

Yep, she is the only one.  I don't understand it myself.