Diabetes is my religion

Jimi Hendrix's famous quote, "Music is my religion" got me thinking...

Is it valid for me to claim, "Diabetes is my religion"? I mean, diabetes truly is a way of life for me and I adhere to a number of devotionals and rituals every single day--test blood sugar, change pump site, give insulin, re-test, eat glucose, test for ketones, etc. Diabetes gives my life meaning and purpose--I've made a number of diabetic friends through camp and diabetes is the reason I chose to become a nurse. It helps me to feel anchored in this world. It's pretty similar to religion, in my eyes. Although I do not consider myself a religious person, I do think of myself as spiritual.

What do you think?

I can see how that works for you.

I get that. For me though, Diabetes has not replaced/become my religion, but has tied me closer to it.

I was diagnosed on the day of my Confirmation (I'm roman Catholic) when I was 13, and I feel like there has to be a purpose, something bigger, a reason why on that important religious landmark I was told my life would drastically change. There has to be something bigger up there, you know?

haha! Awesome and so true!

I too chose to study nursing because of my diabetes, and although I do understand what you mean, I don't know if I see it as a religion. I choose to see it as more of a resurrection; a chance and, almost an excuse, to fix what I was doing wrong. Even now, 6 years after diagnosis, it constantly gives me clarity over important choices and a constantly changing perspective. So although I do not hold it to as high of a standard as religion, I have a pretty high appreciation of what it has done to my journey :)

GREAT topic Emily! :)

I like your thoughts!!!

Me and my boyfriend have had thousands of debates over what religion is and what Christianity is.  I have a more liberal view.  I think that definition wise, yes! your diabetes has become your religion.  I am a Christian so that is my religion.  I believe religion is a set of rituals and beliefs surrounding the supernatural and salvation from the natural.  Our definitions vary a bit but if that is what you believe in then how can you be wrong.