Diabetes is Not My Enemy

I recently talked to someone newly diagnosed with type 1 and it reminded me about how I used to think of my diabetes, like it was some invader that was at war in my body.

The truth is that my pancreas is more like a poor, sick friend and I do all sorts of things to help it out. The blood sugar checks, injections, infusion sites, the expense, are all to help my sick buddy so we can both make it through another good day.

I don’t feel angry, there is no war, I am most definitely not defeated.

That’s a good attitude. After 31 years I admit I still get ticked off that my body got the wrong memo and mistakenly attacked itself, but that’s short-lived because it’s so unproductive. I have recently put the battle gear on again though, because my kidneys are showing some wear and tear, so my inner Xena the Warrior Princess is rearing its head to tackle learning a low-sodium diet. T1D affects so much of our bodies, so I remain ready to defend it. Charge!!!