Diabetes meal/BG tracker?

I’ve been using MyNetDiary for a while and am very happy with it, but I want to see if I can find a free or less expensive app rather than paying the $60 annual subscription. MND logs my meals, insulin and blood sugar - those are the two most important although I can enter BP, weight and lab test results and other stuff if I choose. I pulled a couple of trackers (MySugr andSugarmate) from the App Store and had to set up accounts - only to find they weren’t what I was looking for, so I’m looking for recommendations. I’m fine keying in my numbers so it does not have to sync with me Dexcom.
Thanks much!

Out of curiosity Dorie @wadawabbit , what do you want from a tracker that you don’t already have with utilities such as Dexcom Clarity, Tandem t:Connect, Tidepool which are all “free” and automatically [without you needing to do any data entry] provide complete glucose level information, all insulin delivery bolus & basal and, all carbs eaten? For what else would you use a tracker to review AND use to manage insulin dosing? The one thing missing from these utilities is that they don’t differentiate carbs between potato, rice ro, cake.

I recall that you use and carry with you an Apple phone, so I’m only guessing that you already have some of the health log in your pocket. My Samsung phone, for instance, automatically records my health on two apps - Samsung Health and Google Fit. The Google Fit links with mt Medicare Advantage Plan and United Health refunds me money based on my activity level. These apps also record weight, BP, calculate stress level and calculate heart rate and glucose level plus a few other things I don’t bother looking at.

Hi @Dennis - nice to hear from you. I like to detail my meals and MND has a nice database I’ve found very helpful. I guess it’s a hosiery from the days when I - we kept handwritten logs😊.