Diabetes Month is official in the US!

(Thanks to Kim for posting this link on Facebook!)


President Obama officially declared November Diabetes Awareness Month!


Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!! rah, rah!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow! and don't forget to go out and vote today!

Woot! And I thought they did a fine job of differentiating between T1 and T2 and noting that steps can be taken to prevent T2.

You're welcome!  :D

The only part I took issue with was this sentence in the second paragraph:  "Type 1 diabetes, which can occur at any age but is most often diagnosed in young people, is managed by a lifetime of regular medication or insulin treatment."  (Bold emphasis is mine.)  I'm not sure why they phrased it that way, as it makes the sentence inaccurate.

But, enough nit-picking.  I'm glad it's official, and I'm glad that the rest of the proclamation was so well-written and explained.

I thought it was already Diabetes Awareness Month. As far as I know it has been for a long time.

it was never "officially" declared. it was celebrated by organizations like the ADA and JDRF, but now the president dedicated the entire month to diabetes!

YAY OBAMA!  Blue for the win! :)