Diabetes poem i made

Sometimes i don't know where to turn,
Sometimes i just want to burn,

Sometimes i want to forget, 
Sometimes i just want to throw a fit,

Sometimes i want them to shut up,
Sometimes i just don't want to pee in a cup,

Sometimes i want to cheat,
Sometimes i just want to eat,

Sometimes i want to curl up and cry,
Sometimes i just want to die. 

By Jaimie Wolfelt

Nice job, Jaimie, that has a serious ammount of emotion in it -- I love how it covers the wide range of such emotions that diabetics go through. I hope you've joined the poetry group, this is great :)

- Alyssa

thanks! and i will.

That is amazing! It made me laugh and it tells a lot of what we feel and go through. Great job! :)

We ALL feel like all those things at some point!  Very cool poem and very true!

wow.thats really good. i luv it. its exactly how i feel. good job!! ur super good.

that was a really great poem my feelings totally the same!!

thanks every one! 

That's a really good poem!!!! We all feel that way at least once a week. Well I know I do!


that's awesome and so true!

Well said, good job.

you pretty much said it all right there! great job!

Didn't realize you could cover what how diabetes feels like in 10 or so lines,,,,Im gonna start quoting you,,,But great Poem

Very nice Jaime! I would like to invite you to check out our site!

I would love to post your poem on it some place specail if that was ok with you.

Take a minute and look at it, I think I am goign to add a poems section as well!



thanks for all the good feed back, everyone. thats fine with me if you would like to post it nicole.