Diabetes Poem! =}

Ok, this is very depressing. This is my poem. The poem i wrote for "The Funniest Diabetes Poem Contest" thing. Unfortunatly, I missed the deadline. By a day. Damn. Ok, so, I was thinking. Might as well put it up here. Hmmmmm.... Well, this poem is actually about a few of my classmates and is generally describing some encounters i've had with them. Ok, here it is...

Obnoxious, screaming imbeciles

That will be their name

If they don't shut up

I think I'll go insane

"OMG, a needle!"

"Don't do that infront of me!"

The I threaten them "Shut up,

Or I'll stab you in the spleen."

Bustin' of the needle cap

And thrusting the metal twards them

They shriek

And freak

And practically crap themselves

With overeacting hysteria

Laughingly, I stare at them

And they glare back at me

This whole scene happened

'Cause of my lovely diabetes


haha. there. all done! =}