Diabetes research

Hello! My name is Nina and I am a psychology senior at SUNY Purchase. I am working on a research project that examines the experiences of people living with T1D. This research is very important to me, because as you know, I also have type 1. If anyone is 18 or older and would like to participate in my study please click the link below.

You will be asked a series of questions- but you don’t give your name, and I won’t know who gave which responses. It takes about 10min to complete. Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about my project!
please only fill out the survey ONE time !
Thank you! Here is the link:



This is a well thought out survey; please keep me/us informed of your success and if you need candidates for further research.

I do hope you satisfy your goal with this and with all your studies.


Hi Nina,

I just submitted the survey. It would be a solid research.
I am a graduate student in George Mason University. Actually I’m working for my project which related to self-determination and T1D. May I know more about your research?



Truly a stellar survey. I’ve worked close with the research department at my current company and you crafted a well-written survey that should bring you quality results. It was extremely clear with a broad range of answers to capture clean data. More importantly, the questions really made me dig deep and analyze the role diabetes plays in my life – for that, I thank you!

As others expressed, please keep us posted on your need for more candidates and the study results. Bravo, sister!


Hello Nina

Just got done filling out your survey for you. I hope that it helps your research. Please keep us updated on your findings.


Sorry for the late response, but thank you so much to everyone for participating!
It means so much to me for you to give you time and honest responses!

and- Yes of course!! - for those who would like more info about my research: shoot me an email at elissa.juan@purchase.edu , just be sure to mention in the subject something along the lines of your participation, the JDRF forum, or my senior thesis!

and again, thank you SO much to everyone!