Diabetes service dogs in Schools

I was just watching the news and a school here in New York is trying to ban a diabetes service dog that goes to school with a kid with type 1.

Do you think these types of dogs should be allowed in schools? Read this article for more information on the story.

I haven't read the article yet, but I didn't realize type 1's needed dogs? If that is what he needs, then based on ADA and IDEA he should be allowed to have it.

I read the article and from what I understand this dog is used in his everyday diabetes care, therefore yes he should be able to have the dog with him in class. I applaud the parents of this child for taking it to higher level, because it is discrimination.

I can kinda see why there might be some opposition to the dog. Unlike seeing eye dogs glucose sniffers haven't been universally accepted as service animals.  Unlike diabetics the blind do not have an equally good alternative. CGM's I bet are more accurate and reliable than Fido, CGM's don't shed hair in the classrooms, fart, drool, bark, bite and pass along fleas . (can you tell I'm a cat person yet?:)  Since these are very rare animals I bet the cost is even more than a CGM.  My opinion, get a CGM, leave the pooch at home where he can do what comes natural, sniffing the butts of other dogs instead of blood glucose highs and lows. 

Cats RULE dogs Drool.

Yes I know CGM's and children aren't always a compatible match.