Diabetes Sisters

My friend Karen (who is on this site) told me about a group called Diabetes Sisters (http://www.diabetessisters.org) and when I went to go visit, it looks pretty awesome. What I am really excited about are two things:

1. You can sign up to get FREE reminders sent to your email or phone to check your blood sugar during the day, which I need.

2. Weekend for Women Conference!!!!! This is a once a year experience where all the women meet at a hotel in North Carolina and spend a weekend full of massages, belly dancing classes, and break out class sessions. How fun does that sound? They just had their conference this year but I am seriously thinking about attending next year!

I just got a newsletter in my email from Diabetes Sisters and if I read it correctly it sounds like since they had so much positive feedback about this year's conference they may try to have more than 1 a year in other states to make it easier for people to come.

I just checked out this site yesterday.  I like the sound of the "Buddies" program, too.  I'll have to go back to it tonight and read more about it.  That conference sounds AWESOME!

I checked out the site too and actually registered.....posted and no one has responded yet.....not as busy as Juvenation, I guess!  It does have a lot of cool info on it too........I think I like Juvenation a lot better!!!!

I registered for the site a few weeks ago, but I have to admit I haven't gotten as in to it as www.diabeticmommy.com which is much more active, but more "specialized." But, if you notice good threads, etc on there, please post them here and I'll check them out!