Diabetes Social Network Acronyms

I noticed a lot of people are asking or have asked what our acronyms are. I thought that everybody could help with this and I'll try to make it fancy for all to read!!!!

MDI - multiple daily injections

PWD - person with diabetes

DKA - Diabetic ketoacidosis

dx'ed - diagnosed


Great thread idea!

A1C = blood test indicating your average glucose over a 2-3 month period (doctors are usually happy with a result under 7 [7 is roughly equivalent to a sugar reading of 150 mg/dL])

endo = short for endocrinologist, the type of doctor type 1 diabetics often see

T1D = type 1 diabetes

IDDM = insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, another term for type 1 diabetes (sometimes also applies to type 2 diabetics who now take regular insulin)

JDRF = Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the most well-known foundation for type 1 diabetics (actively involved in research)

ADA = American Diabetes Association (another well-known diabetes organization; focus primarily on type 2 but also help out those with type 1)

BG = blood glucose

CGM= Continuous Glucose monitor


thanks.because every once in a while-I just sit and try to figure one out,ha ....and when you get through with the ones on d--could you throw in some of the ones people use in text--for someone that text like a turtle and not often-sure could help,hahaha :)

Good idea Keith.  :)  We are actually working on getting a Diabetes Glossary of some sort under the Support section, so that everyone can know what all of the acronyms and terms mean.  Hopefully we can get it posted soon!  Keep the ideas coming...

T2D-  type 2 diabetes

PWT1D- people with type 1 diabetes

IHT1D- I hate type 1 diabetes

Here's the list so far!!!

A1C/HbA1c - Glycated hemoglobin
ADA - American Diabetes Association
basal - Base insulin, Long acting insulin for MDI and the base rate for pumps
BG/bg - blood glucose
bolus - Addition of fast acting insulin for food or correction of high blood sugar  Pump or MDI
BS/bs - blood sugar
CDE - Certified Diabetes Educator
CGM - Continuous Glucose monitor
DKA - Diabetic ketoacidosis
dx'ed - diagnosed
endo - Endocrinologist
IHT1D - I hate type 1 diabetes
JDRF - Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
MDI - multiple daily injections
mg/dl - milligrams/deciliter traditional unit for blood glucose
mmol/l - millimoles/liter SI standard for blood glucose
To convert: mmol/l x 18 =  mg/dl
mg/dl/18 = mmol/l or mg/dl x .055 = mmol/l
PWD - person with diabetes
PWT1D - people with type 1 diabetes
T1D = type 1 diabetes    Old names - IDDM = insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, Juvenile Diabetes
T2D - type 2 diabetes  Old name - Adult Diabetes

Great!  Now can someone do this for texting terms used in the general population.  I know I am pretty naive but it sure would help this older geezer!  I probably should ask on Facebook, huh?

Facebook is actually much more diverse in its users (my grandparents and many other people's parents and grandparents use it).  As such, I don't see many examples of "texting" speech on there, except from the younger crowd.  It's much more prevalent on the more youth-oriented Twitter.

You are also limited to 140 characters per post on Twitter - hence the need for abbreviated speech.

there is actually a site called acronym.com, never know what you might find there